Monday, January 3, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

My last post was all about the search for Rattle Snakes here in AZ, that was waaayyyy back in October and the cool explanation for the time lapse would be that I found a Den of Rattlers out in the wilderness and was so inspired by the sight that I decided to live off the land for Three months and have finally returned, weather worn and all the wiser.  Unfortunately the truth isn't as epic as that.

The Truth is that I got caught up.  Happens to the best of us :)  Unfortunately I did not find any Rattlers on my journeys though, the search will resume in the spring.  I have gone picture hunting and do have pictures and stories to share with all of you, and record for myself.  What a wonderful time we live in!  Such opportunities, amazing technology and limitless possibilities.  We all live better than every King of the History books ever has!  Yet with great power comes great responsibility, we need to be diligent in taking time for ourselves, ensuring that we come first.  Because if you let go of yourself as priority number one, and lose sight of what makes you unique, what drives you and lights a fire in your eyes it is difficult to truly see how blessed you actually are, thus you get caught up.

So cheers to the Third time being the charm and that the Third time I have come back to the Blogging World is the one that sticks.  I am very excited for the future because big things are happening, and we all need to share our experiences.

Much Love,
Corey Shaw

P.S.  A Great Friend of mine Apollo Poetry (check him out on YouTube you will be blown away, hits you right in the soul  showed me this website :

Try it out for a dose of Gratitude to get you through your day and put your problems in perspective.  I believe that Gratitude for what we have is the most important thing in life.  If you aren't grateful your stressed, unappreciative and miss out on what life is about, this moment.